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Going on a cruise is a wonderful way to treat yourself to incredible views of the ocean, and fresh sea air. It can be a great way to see the world, meet new people, and experience all of the fabulous amenities available onboard.
The activities found onboard a cruise ship will vary from ship to ship, but many cruise ships have a number of activities and services in common. Some of the most well-known facilities found on cruise ships are dining halls, restaurants, and cafeterias.  Large cruise ships may offer a number of onboard dining facilities.  In addition to a sit-down restaurant, there area usually many small eateries located onboard also. 
In addition to restaurants, you can also find bars, dancehalls, gaming halls or casinos, onsite fitness centers, fully equipped gyms, swimming pools, libraries, video arcades, and movie theaters. There are plenty of activities for every member of the family.
Relaxing on a cruise ship is enough to make any vacation perfect, but selecting the right ports of calls, and cruise line  will make your trip even more enjoyable. All around the world, there are a number of ports that cruise ships regularly stop at.  Many of the most sought after ports are found in the Caribbean.  Popular ports include, but are not limited to, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas. 
Caribbean cruises are often viewed as the most popular types of cruises, but they are not the only ones that are available.  Vacation cruises are popular all around the world, including in Europe, Canada, and the Northern United States. The ports of call on these cruises may be not be considered tropical, but they still offer many fun and exciting attractions for cruise ship travelers. 
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